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Mandibular Advancement Splints for the Treatment of Snoring

Mandibular advancement splints, like our sleepPro Standard and sleepPro Custom, work by virtue of the simple fact that moving your jaw forward a short distance stops you snoring (this is true for a very large percentage of snorers).

  • Mandibular advancement can provide immediate relief from snoring.
  • Mandibular advancers are a very good alternative to CPAP, laser treatment and various surgical procedures and have been shown to be effective at treating snoring and low level upper airway obstructions associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OS) and other sleep disorders.
  • If a snorer has a normal bite and healthy teeth and gums, then a mandibular advancer may provide very satisfactory results.
  • Mandibular advancement splints range in price from about £30 / $55 USD for a boil-and-bite mouthpiece to £400 / $600+ USD for a custom made splint.
  • “Boil-and-bite” mouthpieces are normally purchased directly by users and fitted without a doctor or dentist.
  • Custom-made splints are normally fitted by a dentist or dental technician. Head & neck surgeons, thoracic consultants, consultant physicians, maxiofacial surgeons, sleep specialists and general practitioners may also be involved in the process.
  • Many people find it best to try a cheap boil-and-bite mandibular advancer to see if it works for them, before buying a more expensive, yet better fitting and more comfortable, custom-made mouthpiece.

Please click here for information about our sleepPro Standard and sleepPro Custom mandibular advancement devices.

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Snurkbeugel SleepPro Easifit


+ verzendkosten

  • 10 - 40 keer goedkoper dan andere tandheelkundig uitgeruste apparaten
  • Zeer effectief
  • 30 dagen geld terug garantie
  • Eenvoudig passen te maken, verwarm en bijt

Snurkbeugel SleepPro Contour


+ verzendkosten

  • Comfortabel & verstelbaar
  • Zeer effectief
  • 7 verschillende standen
  • Eenvoudige instelling
  • Medisch bewezen oplossing

Anti Snurkbeugel op Maat SleepPro Custom


+ verzendkosten

  • 50% goedkoper dan
    onze concurrenten
  • Zeer effectief
  • Perfecte pasvorm
  • Comfortabel en eenvoudig in gebruik
  • Een in ons laboratorium op maat gemaakt mondstuk