snoring treatments that don’t work

We speak to large numbers of snorers. They tell us that the following treatments do not work:

  • stop snoring tablets.
  • aromatherapy.
  • hypnosis.
  • willpower training.
  • wrist devices, rings.
  • devices that counteract the snoring noise.
  • devices that flash a bright light when you snore.
  • Sports gumshields or mouthguards – these look like mandibular advancement splints, but they will not stop you snoring as they do not provide sufficient support behind the front teeth (particularly the lower teeth) to hold the jaw forward. Furthermore, as the bulk of a sports gumshield is at the front of the mouthpiece (to absorb and spread an impact), they can feel very bulky and uncomfortable when worn for more than a couple of hours or overnight. Mandibular advancement splints and sports gum shields are not the same things.
  • Tongue retention devices have been reported as being too uncomfortable.

In our opinion, the following stop snoring options do not work or are best used in conjunction with one of the three treatment options that do work:

  • sprays – people tell us that stop snoring sprays either do not work, or they only work for a short period before the effects wear off (saliva washes away the spray) and they are expensive if you need to keep buying more spray.
  • Nasal strips make it easier to breathe through your nose, they don’t stop you snoring. Don’t be misled by claims to the contrary.
  • Anything that forces you to breathe through your nose is useless when you have a cold, or allergies that give you a blocked nose. They will make you feel like you are being strangled.
  • Posture can play an important role in snoring, but is not a solution in itself. Click here for more information.

It is also worth knowing there is no test or manoeuvre you can do when awake that determines how you snore or breathe when asleep. Anybody who says this is possible, does not understand snoring. For example, when a head and neck surgeon carries out a nasendoscopy to observe snoring, the procedure is done with the snorer sedated to induce sleep, rather than partially sedated and awake.

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